Monday, 10 October 2011

Savvy shoppers head to market!

During hard times there really is no better place to shop than at your local markets and that’s where all savvy shoppers should be heading. In my local Sainsbury’s Local they charge me 45p for an apple, down Chapel Market or Brick Lane I can buy a whole bowl full for just £1 and it doesn’t mean quality is compromised either! 


The price of food has rocketed in supermarkets, but in comparison you feel the squeeze a lot less at the market and prices don’t seem to have increased by the same degree. On Friday I bought two average quality hollow fibre pillows for just £6 from Chapel Market in Islington, London, I don’t think even Primark can compete with that!

The week before I bought a fantastic silk warehouse dress for just £3 from a Portobello street seller on Friday. Not only did it help out a local trader, it also kept me off the high street and saved me from spending £30+ on a new dress that I’d probably only wear twice.

"Shopping at markets fulfils your fix and you don’t get guilt pangs afterwards" 

I’d advise any shopaholic to hit the market next time rather than the High Street and see if you can achieve the same. Look at this gorgeous DKNY skirt i bought at a Brick Lane sample sale, only £10!!

Not only will you buy more for your money, but you’ll also have a cleaner conscience. Getting ripped off on the high street makes you angry!

Another important point worth mentioning is that some traders at design and fashion markets like Spitalifields Market or the Sunday –Up on Brick Lane will also sell their products on the High Street but at a much higher cost. Yesterday I spoke to a stall holder from Celebrity Mirrors. He was selling his lovely compacts at the market for just £10, Harrods are selling them for £25. I cannot encourage people to do this enough!

If i haven’t convinced you yet, here are:
ILM's 5 top reasons why you should head to a market near you!
  1. Shopping at markets supports the livelihood of local, real people, which means you’re giving something back to your community.
  2. Markets are cheaper. You can find the same stuff as on the high street but at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Markets offer an enjoyable and unique shopping experience. Embrace the culture! 
  4. Take a bite to eat. How sick is everyone of PrĂȘt a Manger, McDonalds, Eat, bla blab bla -try something different at your local market 
  5. Fulfil your need to shop and have a clean conscience!

    All you need to do is find out which market to head to? Roman Road, Chapel Market Islington, Leather Lane Market, Petticoat Lane, Camden Markets, Portobello/Goldthorpe Rd, Old Spitalfields, Greenwich, Brick Lane, Broadway Market to name a few, you really are spoiled for choice!